Commercial Real Estate

Tenant Representation

Rhulens will work on your behalf to reduce your occupancy costs and maximize your businesses flexibility and productivity when negotiating your commercial lease terms.  

Rhulens will prepare a detailed market survey and educate you on all of the potential options that meet your business needs.  We will arrange viewings of the premises and prepare financial models showing the total costs over the lease term.   Additionally, we will provide details on recently concluded leasing transactions for comparison and advise on the pros and cons of each individual asset.  


Rhulens will work with you to structure a deal with the Landlord that includes expansion or contraction options, renewal options, fit out allowances and rent abatements.  We will prepare and negotiate the Heads of Terms memorializing the agreed items and liaise with your attorney and provide a full set of comments on the business points of the lease.  Following the lease execution and registration, we will work with your architects, designers and furniture suppliers, as needed to ensure a seamless transition.  








Rhulens thoughtfully examines each agency assignment before developing a comprehensive leasing strategy and recommending a tailored marketing approach for the asset. We first examine the advantages and disadvantages of the property, look at these attributes relative to the marketplace and focus on the distinctive features that will set the Building apart from the competition. 

After reviewing the competitive spaces and comparable transactions, and based upon our extensive market knowledge, Rhulens will advise the Landlord on the pricing and concession package.  Rhulens will then engage in a multi-tiered canvassing campaign to bring that message to the marketplace. 


Rhulens will provide comprehensive prospect and financial reporting to the Landlord during our engagement.









Rhulens works with individuals and institutions to assist in the sale or procurement of income producing commercial, residential or multifamily property.  A myriad of relationships both locally and abroad allows us access to numerous off market acquisition and disposition opportunities.  

Landlord Representation